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This is just a quickie for you guys. I'm going to just get this out of my system and just keep part II in the back-burner of my mind. Don't worry, as soon as I get out of school, its down with the stupid study-guides and textbooks and up with my laptop and most likely plenty of books.
Lots. And Lots. And Lots. And Lots
of books.

She's so fucking awesome.



You glanced over at the winter spirit, just barely containing the grin that threatened to spread out on your face. You nuzzled more into your scarf, hoping that it would hide at least the lifting corners of your mouth.

Jack Frost.

Jack Frost, the one who springs across the land over the entire globe, bringing winter along with him.
The one who finds happiness and amusement through snow days, blizzards and basically anything that has to do with the cold and ice.

Jack Frost, a mischievous winter spirit and a Guardian of Fun scrambled into one.

You couldn't believe it...after all, you were 17 years old and yet you still believed in a make-believe character. Jack couldn't believe it either. You were, of course...just a tad bit older than what he's used to.

Not that he was complaining, of course.

Jack always found some excuse to come your hometown and pop in on you for a chat. Perhaps it was just him being nice, and just being plain grateful for a teenage in over 300 years who actually believes in the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, Santa, even that Australian Kangaroo.

Or it was the fact that this Guardian of Fun had a small crush on you. But of course, Jack hid this from you, and continued to stay in the friend-zone.

You blinked up at the sky, taking in the sight of the snowflakes falling around you.
You breathed in the cold night air deeply, and watched the swirling mist as you breathed back out slowly.

Jack stared at you and laid down his staff beside him. He remained silent as he chewed on bottom lip in thought. 'Should I tell her...?' he thought.

"Hey, Jack...?"

Jack hummed a response as he waited for you to continue.

" it like to be immortal??"

Jack stopped in the middle of chewing his lip for a moment before glaring upwards at his old friend, Manny.

Manny's warm yellow glow shined upon the two of you, making Jack's hair gleamed like silver and your eyes shined with curiosity as you waited for his response.

"...It's alright, I guess..."

You nudged him with your elbow, silently telling him to go on.

He sighed heavily before saying,

"Being able to live forever is cool...I mean, I get to watch humanity move forward and create new things...just like now...this...'Tech-no-logy'" he said, emaciating the word slowly.

"I can meet new kids and continue to do what I do I enjoy to do best. I'm the spirit of winter itself, (Name)."

You started to smile but stopped in the middle when he turned his gaze down to the ground and continued to speak in a low tone.

"But...every year, I watch the kids grow up...and one by one, they leave me. Alone...forgotten. I watch them grow up...have a family of their own...and then they wither and die. Every year...its the same...I make a new friend but I know I've lost an old one. Humanity moves forward every day...and with this new technology...there will be no need for me, North, Tooth, Sandy or even the Kangaroo anymore..."

Your heart ached slightly when his knuckles turned even whiter than before as he tightened his fist.

"...It's not just friends though...its also the ones you love the most..."

Your ears perked up at the word, 'love' but frowned a bit in jealously.

'Does this mean...he was in love once??' you thought.

Jack remained silent, and you began to think that he was done with the subject when he spoke more softly.

"There was kingdom...a long...long time ago. No body remembers it, of course, but it existed. That's where I saw her for the first time. She was just like me. She was different from others, and because of her difference, she was forced to be bounded by rules and stupid obligations.
But then one day...she let it go. She didn't care what they were going to say.

You  could say that the cold never bothered her anyway...
Well, soon after, her sister and her saved the kingdom from this douche-bag who wanted to be king...and she became queen.

Her people accepted her...but she remained to be a free spirit.
Every year, they would have this festival, and she would make it winter again.
At one of these festivals, she and I managed to meet, and I got to teach her a few
of my tricks.

In time, we became friends...and closer...really close. I told her that I would always be there for her, and she said the same with me...and I was stupid enough to believe her.

I went away because I needed to spread some snow around...but when I came back, she was a year older.

A year passed, and she was a year older again. Over and over.

I came back, and she was already married to some guy. She felled in love with someone else...I forgave her, of course...but you know...its hard to forget your first love....

I came back and there were these kids with her beautiful eyes.

Then one day, I came back, and there was this old lady.

I ran away because I didn't want to believe it...

After running away from her, the guilt was too much for me and I wanted to go back.

But things happened...

Once I did come back...she was gone..."

You had turned away from Jack and closed your eyes in pain. You didn't mind that he was in love once before but...the pain he must have felt...or even feeling now made your heart yearn to comfort him.

You ignored the feeling as you asked,

"What...What was her name?"

Jack breathed out heavily, before standing up stiffly.

" was Elsa..."

Jack looked up at the moon, anger gleaming in his eyes.

He picked up his staff and swung it around, causing a blast of cold wind to burst from the the wood.
Jack turned towards you when he felt your hand on his shoulder.

Jack felt his heart ache when he saw concern in your _e/c_ eyes, but ignored the feeling.

"Immortality is a blessing, (Name)...but its also just a curse." he muttered angrily as he slammed the end of his staff into the ground a few times.

"I-I'm sorry...I shouldn't have asked..." you trailed off before giving him a small smile.
"How 'bout tomorrow you and I go sledding again? It was fun the first time...when except when you almost killed me with that one tree-"

"There won't be a tomorrow, (Name)" he mumbled.

"Oh...Well, next time, I guess...." you said.

"Well, there won't be a next time either." he responded.

You frowned in confusion as Jack glared at you menacingly.

"I'm just a fairy tale character. Something that only children should believe in."

"Sure, but I believe in you anyway-"

"You're stupid for doing so then."

"Hey! I thought you and everyone else was happy with me believing in them and-"

Jack growled and flew upwards. You stepped towards him with an glare.
You reached out with your hand, when Jack swung his staff at you. Thick ice separated the two of you, and prevented you to move forward.

You stumbled back a bit from the sudden attack and peered up at Jack with tears in your eyes.

"Grow up. Just grow up and forget about me, (Name). It's safer for both of us..."

And with that, Jack flew away into the sky. You called after him.

You ran for a while before slipping on some ice. You sniffled a bit as you allowed the tears to fall down your cheeks.

"...I love you..."

Little did you know that the winter spirit heard you...though these three words made his heart made him afraid for you. Afraid that the same thing that happened with Elsa..will happen to you too someday.

~le timeskip~
You continued to meet at the same exact spot for a month, every time hoping that Jack will be there.

You had hoped to fixed your friendship with the Guardian, but to no avail.

He never showed up.

Finally, one day you walked past your usual meeting place.

You were allowing yourself to forget about Jack along with the rest of the Guardians.

"He was never real..."

~A few weeks later~
Jack flew slowly towards _hometown_, adding a few touch of snow here and there.
He was here to make amends...after much insistence from the other Guardians, as well as the same overwhelming guilt he had felt when he ran away from Elsa a long time ago.

Only then, did he realize how stupid he was for running away from his feelings.
Though he was still afraid of losing you someday, he rather spend the rest of your life by your side.

He took a deep breath as he landed outside of your house. He raised his hand to knock on the door and was about to when you opened the door suddenly.

Jack flew backwards in surprise but gave a grin when he saw you.
His grin faltered a bit when he took in your appearance.
"Hey, what's with the long face, (Name)?" he joked.
He chuckled nervously when you continued to stare at him. You looked down at your porch as you silently closed the door behind you.
"...Look...(Name)" he mumbled as you zipped up your coat.

He waited for a response, and getting none, he continued.

"I know. I shouldn't be talking to you especially since I avoided you for a month..."

You stormed past him, but he easily caught up with you as he flew beside you.

"I'm sorry." Jack said sincerely.

You continued to walk.

"...I'm sorry."

You pulled out your phone and checked the time before shoving it back in your pocket and glared in front of you.

"...I said I was sorry....and I mean it too..."

Jack repeated. Still, you walked on.

"You're so stubborn..." he muttered. "Hey, (Name)"

You stopped at the crossroad and looked left and right before walking quickly across the street.

"I know you can hear me, (Name)..."Jack growled.

"(Name)...stop. I'm getting annoyed."

You sighed out loud as you forced yourself to walk faster.

"(Name)! Quit ignoring me!" Jack yelled.

You didn't stop, so Jack stepped in front of you.


Jack was cut off when you walked through him.

He turned around swiftly, watching your retreating form walk away. He watched you sneeze and heard you mutter,

"Why did it get cold all of a sudden?"

Jack frowned in confusion before he caught up with you.

"(Name)? What was that?"
You made no reply.

He flew in front of you again, and stared into your _e/c_ eyes.

"(Name)? Come on!"

Jack tried to grab the sides of your face but to no avail. His hands went through.

"No. No, no, no."

"(Name)! It's me, Jack! You know, the winter spirit!"

Jack looked around and realized that this was the usual meeting spot for the two of you.

"(Name)! See, this is where we had loads of fun-(Name)! I need you to believe! I didn't mean what I said that night! Please! Just believe!" he cried once he realized that you couldn't see nor hear him.

You walked through him again as you focused on getting out your earphones.

Jack watched you walk away from him, your every step was like a knife in his cold, frozen heart.

It was happening again. Except instead of losing you through old age, he lost you because he ran away once again.

Because he told you to grow up.
The pain he felt after hearing about Elsa's death came back but stronger than ever as he felt regretful tears spring up in his eyes.

He struggled to control himself as snowflakes stared to fall down from above. Soon, the wind was howling, much like the swirling storm inside of him. How ironic.

Jack shut his eyes tightly in anger and regret as he ran his hand through his white hair in frustration.

He lowered himself to the ground and hugged himself silently.

One thought ran through his mind.

I love you too...(Name)
Yeah, not one of my greatest, but meh.
I'll continue this but it will be a short series so expect it to be like 3 parts in all...
Yep...I killed off Elsa in here....BUT at least she and Jack had a thing...
I kinda ship Jack and Elsa together but they're alike in so many ways that I'm just standing in my babbling corner
basically saying,
"They can just be really really close friends...THEY'RE LIKE EACH OTHER! It's kinda weird know... love yourself."
I said this to my friends in the batcave and they threw food at me.
I still need to get the tomato sauce out of my hair....

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